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  • Pamela Cone

ESG -- Keeping our own house in order

Here are the takeaways from an article that I recently contributed to the members of PMForum:

ESG has been a point of focus since before the pandemic. Indeed, we have had an awakening because of the pandemic. We have been given an opportunity to radically shift our business and turn the new normal into one where connect with our clients on ESG issues in order for everyone to thrive.

If your clients are taking steps to address these issues, their vendor partners and suppliers must make progress as well.

Marketers play a crucial role in a firm's preparation for client assessment and audits while also aligning the brand's messaging with its mission, values, and purpose. They have a unique position because they are constantly monitoring the marketplace.

Business will not survive in failing societies. We all must pitch in. In the article, I discuss some further steps to address ESG issues.

Is your firm ready to advise clients on their ESG journey?


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