Clients Say...

Marble Surface

Senior Manager, Social Impact  

AmLaw 100 firm

"Outstanding – well-structured and provided just the right amount of information and real case studies.

Marble Surface

Gayatri Joshi, 

Executive Director 

Law Firm Sustainability Network

“Pam brings a lot to the table with her breadth of experience in the Social Impact and Sustainability space. She’s both insightful and thoughtful, bringing a practical approach and inspiring transformative action. 

Marble Surface

William M. Libit,  

Chief Operating Partner  

Chapman and Cutler LLP

“The Social Impact/Sustainability/ESG Boot Camp for Law Firm Leaders series is an excellent introduction for law firm leaders who want to learn ways to effectively launch a program and ensure the program is a success.

Marble Surface

Stephen A White, FSA, EA, MAA 

President and CEO 


“Pam has brought tremendous energy leading our firm’s Social Impact program. With her leadership, we have engaged employees across the firm to share their ideas and activities. Pam has focused on aligning our social impact goals with the firm’s strategic mission. This has increased support across the firm and provides a consistent and positive external message. I am so proud of Milliman’s increased commitment, and Pam has been key in making this happen. 

Marble Surface

Social Impact & Sustainability Committee Chair, 

Global Professional Services firm  

“Pam was instrumental in developing our Social Impact program and generating tremendous enthusiasm throughout the firm. Her insight in defining a program structure to build from the ground up has allowed our employees to contribute and feel tremendous pride in their accomplishments from day one. She has leveraged the structure to create a cohesive community around the globe, which has helped us connect and grow the program in new and exciting ways. 

Marble Surface

Chief Operating Officer, 

Global Professional Service firm

“Pam did a tremendous job helping us develop all aspects of our Social Impact and Sustainability program. She displayed energy, enthusiasm, and passion from the initial discussions with senior leaders to the engagement of the broader firm. Thanks to her leadership, we have a holistic program we are proud of.