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  • Pamela Cone

Buying Legal Council: Social Impact and Sustainability

As co-chair of Buying Legal Council's Working Group for Social Impact and Sustainability, I was thrilled to moderate and participate in these discussions on how businesses should be addressing their role in societal issues. The participant lists were extensive and featured the following brilliant minds:

We chatted about all things CSR, including:

  • What actions those in the legal industry should be taking to focus on social impact and sustainability

  • What clients expect from their law firms in terms of societal impact

  • How to encourage your firm to take action

  • Actions that firms can take to have the greatest impact

  • The American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) assessment

Click here to watch the discussions.

If you would like to become a member of this Working Group, please visit Buying Legal Council's website and email for more information.

Do you know where your firm stands in regards to social impact and sustainability?


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