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  • Pamela Cone

Why Law Firm ESG Is Likely Here To Stay

Honored and humbled to be included in this Law360 article:

✔"ESG is really a broader framework for businesses to make decisions," Cone said. "Instead of making decisions just based on short-term financial returns, decision-makers at businesses, including law firms, are looking at the long-term risks and opportunities … and taking a broader perspective, not a contrary perspective. It's not good financial decisions OR ESG. It's 'Yes, AND...'"

✔Making business decisions solely for short-term financial returns for shareholders could, in the long run, backfire as a business strategy, Cone said, because the wider society around businesses needs to be healthy and thriving for those businesses to see healthy returns down the road."

✔"Businesses cannot thrive in societies that are struggling or failing or on a planet that's burning," she said."

Subscribers to Law360 can read the article at the link above. Others may need to use the Free Trial period to do so. I am biased, of course, but I believe it is worth the read!


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