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  • Pamela Cone

Career Transition: Pivoting to ESG

Law Firm Leaders –

  • Who owns ESG within your firm? Not your ESG practice group serving clients – but rather your own firm’s ESG program, practices, policies and performance?

  • Who leads it? Who coordinates? Who communicates? Who is measuring and managing the metrics?

  • Has this role been deliberately defined and designated to someone, or are members of your team scrambling to make sense of and to be responsive to increasing stakeholder expectations?

Given the increasing ESG expectations coming from all stakeholders – clients, prospects, recruits, employees, vendors, and communities, it is no longer sufficient to “hope” that your firm can somehow be comprehensive, consistent, and coherent when addressing these expectations and when responding to inquiries.

Hope is not a successful strategy. ESG must be led and managed by design, not by default.

Firms that take deliberate and decisive measures to make sure ESG is embedded and is properly led, coordinated, and communicated – internally and externally – will emerge as leaders.

Nurturing ESG Leaders within your firm

It is likely your firm already has managers/directors/officers who could fill the role successfully - someone who knows the firm well, is respected by partners and colleagues, and knows how to “get things done.”

However, most will need a “bootcamp” of ESG Literacy to be equipped to take the reins. Take this important step now. Give your team member(s) the tools they need to navigate the ESG tsunami successfully.

Introducing Amity Advisory’s latest workshop - Career Transition: Pivoting to ESG.

This hands-on, educational workshop is offered in two different formats:

  • Two-Day, In-Person Workshop, March 9 & 10 in downtown Chicago.

  • Virtual, 2-hour Segments over 6 days: March 14,15,16 and 21,22,23.

The cohort for each format is limited to 15 to allow intimate, engaged, hands-on work. Waiting lists will be created for priority to attend future cohorts.

Participants in the program will gain a thorough understanding of the ESG elements and their importance within professional services firms.

These immersive workshops include group and individual engagement exercises tailored to each person’s / firm’s current position on the ESG journey – such that each participant will leave with a clear roadmap and to-do list for their firm’s ESG progress.

Each participant who successfully completes the coursework will receive:

ESG Ambassador Certificate from Amity Advisory.

Confirm your place at the next Career Transition: Pivoting to ESG cohort.

Next Cohorts:

In-Person/Chicago // March 9 & 10 // 2023

Online/Virtual // March 14/15/16 & 21/22/23 // 2023

Exclusive Introductory offer:

Enrollment to each cohort is limited to 15 participants. Confirm your place in this course by January 20th and save 20% on your enrollment. Use the discount code CTPE20 when placing your order.

LEGAL ESG brings together today's thought leaders to address the business critical imperative of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance in the Legal Profession

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Pamela Cone, ESG, Social Impact and Sustainability Sage

Founder and CEO, Amity Advisory

ESG Intelligence Group

For more information visit:

Pamela Cone consults with leaders at professional services firms and their global networks to uncover, understand, explore and embrace their unique, strategic ESG practices, programs and positioning.

Given her entire career in professional services firms and her graduate education, experience, and expertise in ESG, she is uniquely qualified to advise and counsel firms to move their efforts from "transactional" toward achieving greater "transformational" outcomes. Stakeholders expect nothing less.


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