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  • Pamela Cone

The Environmental, Social and Governance Movement - Why All Companies Need to Care

Thanks to Womble Bond Dickinson for partnering with me as keynote speaker for this presentation, which is the kick-off for their Doing Well by Doing Good content series.

During this one hour presentation, we discussed key issues within the ESG movement including what companies can do today to shift from having a transactional to transformational social impact.

Topics Included:

  • Introduction to ESG

  • Shareholder Primacy vs. Stakeholder Capitalism

  • Growing Stakeholder Expectations (e.g., Investors, Clients, Employees, Society)

  • ESG vs. CSR – What is the difference?

  • From Transactional to Transformational Social Impact

  • Regulatory drivers in the EU, UK, and US

  • Frameworks and Standards for ESG

  • Audits and Assessments of Supply Chains – What? Why? How?

  • Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, and Carbon Negative – What's the difference and where to start

Register for this free one hour presentation here.

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