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  • Pamela Cone

Trimming Travel Is Key to Cutting Law Firms' Carbon Footprint—and Client Satisfaction by Dan Packel

When it comes to "sustainability" - what steps are most material to law firms, accounting firms, management consulting firms, etc.?

In a recent article from The American Lawyer, Dan Packel addresses this very topic.

Recycling paper and switching to renewable energy sources in your offices are good steps to take, of course, but are immaterial compared to the carbon footprint of your firm's business travel.

The pandemic has taught us that we don't necessarily need to see clients face-to-face to work together successfully.

In fact, visiting your clients may even incur an "extra" hit on their budget if they have an internal carbon tax in place, as does Swiss Re.

Instead of rushing back to what we used to consider normal - traveling to see clients without giving it a second thought - let's reassess the need of and frequency of such visits.

Talk to your clients about what THEY prefer!

The pandemic helped us escape the "sucking vortex of inertia."

Let's not get sucked right back in.....

Pleased to have been included in this article along with Oliver Dudok van Heel of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Brook Detterman of Beveridge & Diamond PC and William Libit of Chapman and Cutler LLP. Honored to be in their company.


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